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'Value' as a key to success

In other words the stage seems set to repeat the market success of the previous model. A car's success is the result of a successful challenge, a flash of stylistic intuition sustained by studies into new fashion trends, customers' emerging needs and projections regarding market performance. In other words, a difficult recipe, which is then tested by the strictest judge: time. Real success lasts for years. This was evident with the Punto: from 1993 to the present day, over six million people in Europe have bought the car, and twenty-five international juries have rewarded it. Even though the Grande Punto makes its debut, manufacture and marketing of the Punto currently on the market will continue, with petrol, diesel and methane versions, and particularly advantageous offers.

Like the previous model, the Grande Punto plays the same trump card: listening to customers and making sure the product evolves to meet their needs. Consistent with the first and most important demand put forward by any customer who buys a car, the new model will offer 'value' above all. This has always been one of the strengths of the Fiat Punto, which has led its segment, one where a huge number of new cars have been launched in recent years. Competition is obviously fierce, ready to enter the fray with every means. But this model has never lost ground, competing at the highest levels and always offering an extra something: safety, value for money and a good performance/consumption balance, and constantly striving for innovation. This is of course Fiat's mission: an Italian company that builds cars with original styling and a wealth of intelligent solutions that are therefore capable of guaranteeing a better quality of everyday life. And today the Grande Punto takes up the baton with the precise goal of respecting this ideal commitment made to motorists.

Moving Passion
The communications policy planned for this original model addresses a young, dynamic public using a fresh, immediate language. One result is the 'Mr. Dot' logo, a cheerful P-shaped pictogram which changes appearance according to the situation: from a driver to a little man on skis. There are 50 possible transformations, each with a different personality, the expression of the concept of "moving passion" that lies behind the Grande Punto project: if on one hand the new model represents the passion shown by Fiat and its employees for cars, speed and racing, on the other, it is also the spirit of a customer who is attracted by the values of beauty, dynamism, colour, passion and movement. 19 versions have been created, by combining 2 body types (3 or 5 doors), 4 outfits, 6 engines, 13 body colours and 12 types of interior, all at an interesting price. The Grande Punto is also 'great' because of its price, which is almost identical to that of today's Punto with the difference that, for the same investment, customers will enjoy a car at the peak of its category with lavish, cutting-edge equipment.

A precise response to every need
Styling, emotion, comfort, safety and a good price: these are the guidelines along which the Grande Punto was developed; a car created for young adults, the very young, new active women, and small modern families. To meet the requirements of this heterogeneous public, the Grande Punto proposes typically Italian styling, the symbol of character and refinement, in two bodies: a 3-door version that is more aggressive and dynamic, and will appeal above all to the young, and a 5-door version that exalts the balance between styling and comfort, performance and safety, access and its distinctive look.

Both versions share a broad, comprehensive range with four specification levels, each capable of satisfying different customers who share the same youthful, dynamic spirit. The Active outfit addresses the younger driver, people full of vitality with an open, flexible mentality; the Dynamic version is the right response for those who combine an emotional and a rational approach, while the Grande Punto Emotion is ideal for the motorist who is looking for the equipment of a higher category and excellent comfort in a compact. And finally, the Sport version will certainly appeal to customers who want excellent performance and distinctive styling features.

So it is not exaggerated to state that everyone will find the Grande Punto he is looking for, customising it with the many options on offer, and taking advantage of the innovative financial and insurance services created specifically, and the many interesting accessories available from Lineaccessori. Nor can we overlook the fact that other novelties are in the pipeline for the Grande Punto, where the engines and the info-telematic systems are concerned. One example? An amazing rally version which will be presented in a few days time at the Frankfurt International Motor Show.

A car that arouses strong emotions; a sleek, aggressive line, and conveys an impression of elegance and compactness. And the Grande Punto combines this intrinsic beauty with the comfort, practicality and usability of a car from a higher segment. For example, it is extremely roomy, with excellent front visibility, easy access and a capacious luggage compartment. Where quality is concerned, the Grande Punto is stylish and refined because of the colour combinations and the innovative materials employed, painstaking attention to detail and the choice of fabrics, imparting a great sense of solidity and compactness.

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