News March 19 2003

Pagani Zonda F - more photos

If you thought the original Pagani Zonda was fast enough - Horatio Pagani clearly doesn't think so as the company is launching an uprated version at Geneva - the Zonda F

Power goes from 408 kW up to 443 kW and 0-100 improves by 0.1 sec. Power to weight ratio improves by 0.26 Kg/HP. Pricewise we don't know but if you can afford the original we think you can afford the upgrade. Here's the full spec on a car that can get to 200kmh faster than most cars get to 100 kmh


  1. Mercedes-Benz AMG 12 cylinder V 60?, 48 valves; displacement 7291 cc.
  2. Max. Power: (kW) hp/rpm: (443) 602/6150
  3. Max. Torque: Nm/rpm 760/4000.
  4. Weight-to-Power ratio: 2,04 kg/hp.
  5. Clubsport-version*: (kW) hp/rpm (478) 650/6200; Nm/rpm: 780/4000; weight-to-Power ratio: 1,89 kg/hp.
  6. Intake manifold: aluminium hydroformed alloy/avional MHG-System; exhaust manifold in hydroformed steel/inconel.


  1. longitudinal mid engine; rear wheel drive with self-locking differential.


  1. twin plate clutch.

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